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Morning Jucy (Amazon Vendor)

Engravable 1.75" Brass Scouting Compass with Glow in the Dark Adjustable Compass Bezel and Optional Hardwood Case

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Lightweight and cost-efficient, this fully functional scouting compass makes a great gift for any avid camper or even a Boy Scout.

The clear compass bezel rotates to adjust to your local magnetic declination angle, which is the difference between true north and magnetic north.  This way you can orient to either magnetic north, true north, or any arbitrary reference.  Adjustable bezels are usually reserved for the most expensive compasses.  The glow in the dark feature allows for nighttime orienting as well.  The special clear coating also prevents tarnish and fingerprints to collect on the brass.

All three surfaces (top, bottom, and inside lid) can be custom engraved.

*** Note: All custom engraved orders are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.